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A Kenya Childhood

In A Kenya Childhood Christine Nicholls chronicles her life in Kenya in lively detail. Her tales of schools in Eldoret, Nyeri and Nairobi, boarding at the Kenya High School, living on Mombasa island, climbing Kilimanjaro and making trips throughout Kenya are funny and sometimes sad.


Elspeth Huxley

For this, the first biography of Elspeth Huxley, C. S. Nicholls has made extensive use of her papers and letters - including those to and from Elspeth’s formidable mother Nellie and her hapless father Jos. Elspeth Huxley: A Biography is not merely a fascinating portrait of an extraordinary woman, but an absorbing account of an entire era of colonial and British history.


Red Strangers : The White Tribe of Kenya

With the stately lowering of the Union flag in December 1963, seventy years of British rule in Kenya came to an abrupt end. The effect of independence on white society was devastating. Thousands of second and third-generation settlers abandoned their homes and livelihoods, never to return. This is their story.



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