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Dr Christine Nicholls was born in 1943 and taken to Kenya after the end of World War II, in 1947. Her father and mother were teachers, at the Central (later Highlands) School, in Eldoret. The family moved to Nyeri in the early 1950s, where her parents taught at Nyeri Primary School. After being acting headmaster at Nyeri, her father, Kit (C.J.) Metcalfe became headmaster at Parklands School and Westlands School in Nairobi, before moving to a permanent post as headmaster of Mombasa Primary School in 1954. By then Christine was a pupil at the Kenya Girls’ High School in Nairobi. Her mother, Olive Metcalfe, was headmistress of the Aga Khan Girls’ School in Mombasa. Christine boarded at the Kenya High School in Nairobi.

Database of Europeans in East Africa 1880-1939

A database prepared by Peter Ayre and Christine Nicholls is now available on the internet at It features 25,000 Europeans who were in East Africa (mainly in Kenya) before 1939 and provides personal and career details of each. If you have any information you would like to add, after viewing an entry, or any corrections, please email