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David Livingstone

In 1854, Livingstone was acclaimed a hero for his discovery of the Victoria Falls. He had also been able to map much of central Africa's waterways, including the Zambezi river. His later journeys however appeared to be disasters and, in 1871, the New York Herald sent one of its journalists, Henry Stanley, to find him, leading to one of the most famous meetings in exploration history. This book provides an account of Livingstone's life, from his humble beginnings in Scotland, his struggle to gain medical qualifications, his employment with the London Missionary Society and his explorations in Africa's interior, which he penetrated more deeply than any white man before him.

Sutton Pocket Biographies, Sutton Publishing, 1998. Paperback, 123 pages, illustrated

Audiobook read by Nigel Graham, Isis Audio Books

The book is available in print or as an audio book through Amazon (click here)